Delivering performance, risk management, product research and a key focus on our client's financial objectives are part of our investment philosophy. Guardian Asset Management is licensed as a non-bank financial institution, regulated by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago . The company is also licensed as an Investment Advisor regulated by the Trinidad & Tobago Securities & Exchange Commission.

The company was born out of the Investment department of Guardian Life, after managing its billion dollar portfolio for more than a decade. At Guardian Asset Management, we offer a unique professional service that allows clients to create, build and preserve wealth with our innovative investment solutions. This service includes asset allocation, diversification and frequent re-balancing of portfolios, building blocks that form the foundation of any sound long-term investment strategy. With our specialized mix of services which include our Private Wealth Executive Services and Mutual Funds, our investment team is committed to ensuring that your goals are met whether it be saving for retirement or preparing for a child's education.


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Guardian Asset Management celebrates 10 years

Ten years ago on April, 10th, 2003, we opened our doors to the public with our Private Wealth Management Service and we have since grown to provide a full suite of mutual fund solutions for Risk Management and Returns. We thank our valued clients for the opportunity to be of service and look forward to our continuing partnership towards your dreams and aspirations.

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