About Us

Guardian Asset Management and Investment Services Limited is an investment company licensed as a Broker Dealer, Investment Advisor and Underwriter regulated by the Trinidad & Tobago Securities & Exchange Commission.

At Guardian Asset Management and Investment Services Limited, we offer unique professional facilities that include investment and portfolio management services. The company also acts as a distributor of mutual funds for Guardian Group Trust Limited. With our specialized mix of both Private Wealth Executive Services and Mutual Funds , we can offer asset allocation, diversification and frequent re-balancing of portfolios, building blocks that form the foundation of any sound long-term investment strategy. Our investment team has over one hundred (100) years of combined experience in managing billion dollar portfolios. We are committed to ensuring that your goals are met whether it be saving for retirement or preparing for a child's education.



Customer-centricity - Understand what matters to the customers, then provide that better than anyone else. 

Global excellence - Be best-in-world, not just best-in-Caribbean

Bias Action - Being first is better than being perfect

Commitment - Discuss openly, disagree respectfully, decide quickly and commit wholly.

Curiosity - Question answers.  Learn and be curious

Continuous Improvement - Be better today than yesterday


To provide peace of mind and prosperity to communities in the Caribbean and across the World.


To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology.