1. Grow your Money

    You might think that once you're not spending it, your money is working for you. It's not, or if it is, it's not working as hard as it can! Investing gives your money the chance to grow and build wealth for you, without you having to do a thing.

  2. Plan for the Future

    It might be hard to think of what you'll be doing at 65 years old, but wouldn't you like to be sure you're doing something that you like and doing it comfortably? Better yet, invest well and plan to say goodbye to that daily grind as early as 50 years old.

  3. Earn Higher Returns

    Who doesn't want more? Investing allows you to put your money in a safe place where it can earn more so that you end up with...more! Higher returns attract higher risks, but you can choose the level of risk and return that you're comfortable with.

  4. Achieve your Goals

    Eyeing that beach house you've rented on long weekends? Plan to own it with a sound investment plan. Saving might help but, with investing, you can earn more money both over the long term and within a faster period.

  5. Protect your Earnings

    We all know that 'under the mattress' is not the place to hide your earnings. What you might not know is that Guardian Group has over 165 years legacy of strength, stability and, most of all, integrity. So you know your investment is secure!

  1. How do I know if my savings are enough? How do I set a target savings goal?
  2. Can I comfortably survive on my savings in the case of emergencies or loss of income?
  3. I have a lump sum, should I use it to pay off my debt or invest it?
  4. What if I outlive my savings? What can I do to avoid this?
  5. If I had all the time and money to do anything I desired, what would I do?

If you haven’t planned for your financial future, who will?