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Planning for a child’s education is a major financial goal for parents because of the competitive work environment and rising annual costs. In this article, we look at mapping the route to academia to realise a child’s anticipated career path and how you should, as a parent, evaluate the target costs of children’s education within expected deadlines.

Published on: July 26, 2017

Author: Mellesia Lewis - investment Advisor

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So, you’re going to get married! The rings have been bought and planning for the Big Day is well underway. The way you feel about money and your saving, investing and spending habits may be the opposite of your spouse. Someone, a relative, a friend, has perhaps warned that money issues can put a hole in the best of unions, be open and honest with your spouse about money, they advise. A Wealth Manager might add that you should have the “money talk” early: Establish a budget, track your expenses and spending habits, have congruent goals, all to reinforce the high correlation between financial stability and a successful marriage. 

Published on: June 28, 2017

Author: Katrine Tom Yew - Wealth Manager

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It is not a myth that throughout history, men have been held in higher regard than women. Men have often been perceived as the physically stronger of the two sexes and in early evolution when physical prowess and strength were necessary for survival, the man assumed the role of provider and leader. This hierarchy persisted throughout the centuries sometimes to the detriment of women and although centuries have passed, and much progress has been made, this perception still prevails, and even more so when it comes to money; the earning, spending and investment of same.

Published on: May 29, 2017

Author: Anna Chamely, Investment Advisor

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Financial management has always been a topic that requires evenhanded attention whether you’re engaged, newlyweds or together for decades. For some this is a matter that is extremely sensitive, to others, a complete understanding with their partner. Wherever you stand, let us be clear, this article is by no means relationship/marital advice nor am I a guru on successful lifelong commitments. But, what I can say is that financial planning among couples will likely reduce the stress that surrounds money issues.

Published on: April 26, 2017

Author: Jeremy Lalla, Wealth Manager

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