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Mellesia Lewis
Investment Advisor

Mellesia Lewis is an Investment Advisor with the Guardian Asset Management and Investment Services Limited,  with over six years’ experience in Financial Services. She began her career in Retail Banking at the National Commercial Bank where she was trained in delivering outstanding customer service and learned the features and benefits of savings, investments and credit facilities.  In 2013, she expanded on this experience when she joined the Maritime Financial Group as a Financial Advisor. There she specialized in risk management and long-term investments. This experience has afforded her the ability to offer comprehensive personal financial planning for all the life-stages of her clients.

Mellesia is well known for putting the needs of her clients to the forefront of the financial planning process. She is an excellent communicator and her perceptive abilities allow her to see and understand the concerns and pain-points of her clients. Being a well-organized individual she believes everyone should be prepared for all the moments, milestones and eventualities in life therefore she works closely with her clients to implement a plan of action that creates financial stability. She is passionate about wealth creation and seeks to share her knowledge of Money Management and Investments.

A graduate of the University of the West Indies, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies with a specialization in Marketing. She is an avid reader of articles and insights on entrepreneurship and wealth management. This has equipped her as a rounded individual to share her wealth of knowledge with aspiring and experienced business owners.

Mellesia is a fitness enthusiast and spends her leisure hours outdoors engaged in activities such as running, hiking and her occasional trip to the beach with her family.

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