Private Wealth Executive Services

This is a unique and confidential service for persons wishing to invest TT$1,000,000.00 and over. This service (which is done at a competitive annual fee), allows clients to have a segregated portfolio, with the options of a discretionary or advisory account.

The greatest benefit of the Private Wealth Executive service is the customization of each portfolio to meet the individual needs of each client. This benefit which is like no other, focuses on professionalism and most importantly confidentiality. With our private account system, the identity of all clients is protected.

Clients wishing to obtain information on their accounts will be required to produce a personal client number, which is assigned at the inception of the portfolio. This service goes beyond any single product or investment instrument. It uses a segregated approach and diversification of the funds invested, as fundamental tools in creating wealth.

All of this is utilized by clearly defining each Private Wealth client’s:

  •     Investment objective (Goals for this money)
  •     Risk tolerance (High or low risk investor?)
  •     Time Horizon (Short, medium or long term investor?)

Once the above is clearly identified and agreed on, then your Private Wealth Manager (who is responsible for the active management of your portfolio), can identify and choose from a range of investment opportunities, the best investment instruments or products in the market or re-structure your portfolio to aid in accomplishing your investment goals, going forward. We are about constantly looking for the best opportunities in the market and using these opportunities to increase our Private Wealth client’s wealth and net worth.

In summary, under the ‘umbrella’ of our Private Wealth Executive service, our aim is to diversify your portfolio to ensure safety, wealth generation and access to future opportunities as they may arise, especially those investment opportunities, which may not be readily available to the mass investor market.

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