Personal Insurance

Guardian General Insurance Limited helps to protect you and your property from a variety of risks. Our solutions range from motor (car) insurance, house insurance and property protection to personal accident cover, travel insurance and more.

MotorGuard® Insurance

Protect yourself and your vehicle from a range of risks related to being on the road.

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HomeGuard® Insurance

Your home and its contents are among the most valuable possessions you may own in your life. Keep them protected.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal injury causes hardship both to your person and to your pocket. See how you can protect yourself.

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Travel Insurance

Guard against a variety of risks that can negatively impact your experience when travelling.

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MarineGuard® Insurance

Your boat is one of your most prized possessions and therefore you should ensure that it is properly protected against unforeseen circumstances.

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Motor Assist®

Motor Assist® from Guardian General gives you the comfort of having dedicated professionals at your beck and call in an emergency.

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