Things you should make note when placing your insurance

Is your property insured for the full replacement of market value cost? If your property is underinsured, then average would apply at the point in time of a claim.

What is Average? – If your property is underinsured, then the amount of your claim in the event of a partial loss will be settled in the proportion of the sum insured to the real value at risk. You will not be fully indemnified for your loss.

What liability coverage is provided in your homeowner’s policy? Your policy provides liability cover to domestic employees, public liability to third parties and personal liability. Refer to your policy for further details.

Do you have a proper inventory of all the items in your home? In order to properly insure your electronic items, all risks and contents, a proper listing of all items must be provided to the insurance company. In the event of a loss, reference will be made to this listing.

You must ensure that your Sum Insured includes the cost of Debris Removal and Professional Fees