10 Tips On Flooding; How to remain Safe, Prepared and Ready

Flooding is a natural disaster that is best described as the “overflow of water onto land that is usually dry”. Having knowledge of this phenomenon is particularly important for those of us who live on tropical islands like Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados, as our location leaves us prone to Tropical Storms, Depressions and Hurricanes, all of which directly contribute to flooding.

Despite the dangers of flooding, simple tips can be used to prepare, alleviate destruction, and remain safe. Check out these 10 simple and useful tips:

  1. Monitor for signs of unusual weather patterns; heavy and consistent rainfall is a common indicator of flooding to come.
  2. Actively track the Weather Alert and Riverine Alert levels as they develop. Orange and Red Alerts indicate a high-risk and high potential for damage and loss of life and extreme caution should be exercised. (Link: )
  3. Stock up on fresh, clean, drinking water; plastic bottles and clean plastic oil drums work best. Ensure that your water tank is full. If not, set to fill as soon as possible.
  4. Keep all perishable items, including food, in air-tight zip-loc bags.
  5. Avoid waterways at all costs; flash flooding may occur throughout water ways that would have otherwise been inactive.
  6. If residing on low-lying land and are unable to evacuate, find a high-ground that would keep you safe from rising flood waters until help arrives.
  7. Do not swim in, touch or consume flood water. Flood water often times contains raw sewerage which can render you severely ill.
  8. Ensure all open wounds are bandaged or band-aided. Treat any such wounds that are exposed to flood waters with anti-septic to help prevent infections. This is particularly important for Diabetics.
  9. DO NOT attempt to drive through high flood waters using low vehicles as it may result in engine stalling.
  10. Stay calm!

It's always important to be ready and safe. Let's help you ensure that in the event of damage to your vehicle, home and contents, you can recover quickly. Check out our HOMEGUARD and MOTORGUARD insurance policies.


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