5 Reasons to add a Staycation to your list of Carnival 2K19 Plans!

Carnival 2K19 is around the corner with just one month to go, many of us have big plans in one way or the other. There are so many popular fetes and parties, which one should you hit up? Planning to travel abroad for vacation this year and skip Carnival altogether? Or perhaps you are thinking of trying something a little different this year; staying and vacationing at home.  

Not Carnival-ready? Operating on a tight budget? Whatever the reasons, sometimes the prospect of staying at home and kicking it back with the people close to us just seems like the better and more logical choice; Here are 5 Reasons to add a Staycation to your list of Carnival 2k19 Plans!.  

1. Save Money! - First, and most importantly, you SAVE MONEY! Popular vacation areas overseas are costly and require preparation and savings beforehand. When you make the decision to have a Staycation, you are not only escaping expensive airline tickets, but also the extra costs associated with accommodation, travel, spending money and shopping. The comparative-analysis of the cost of traveling overseas compared to staying home and spending a weekend with your loved ones is a huge one, and you can save thousands of dollars

2. Being a Tourist in our own Town! - There are always new things to do and new places to explore, even in your own country. When you choose to have a Staycation, you get to be the tourist. Take this time to visit somewhere in the country that you’ve never been to. Pack a cooler with some drinks and eats, gather your friends and have a road trip. Trying new things is a part of any good vacation and you do not need to travel to a different country to experience this.         


3. Save Time! - “Time is money”, the golden saying. Vacations abroad usually last at least 7 days, which is ample time to sight-see, shop and make the most out of the trip, but with a Staycation, time is never an issue. Your vacation could be a fun-filled weekend or just one action-packed day, which doesn’t take too much time away from a busy schedule. You can enjoy a few days of R&R with peace of mind and easily get back to your usual routine at your leisure.  

4. Plan On the Way! - The great thing about having a Staycation is that it gives you full control and flexibility over the planning process. Picked a location and it’s not to your liking? No problem! You can easily find new places to visit by using online websites like FOURSQUARE which give ratings on places per country to visit, along with reviews from those who have already visited. Based on these ratings, you would be able to determine if certain places are worth visiting and find locations more suited to your plans and your liking.  

5. Support the Local Economy! - An important but overlooked aspect of having a Staycation is that it helps support the local market and puts money in the pockets of local vendors, suppliers and businessmen. This source of revenue is crucial to them and improves, develops and helps local small or medium-sized businesses to grow. Not only are you supporting your fellow countrymen, but you are also creating a healthy and sustainable economy to last in the years to come.


We at Guardian Group hope that this blog has given you ideas for your Carnival 2k19 and we wish you a safe and enjoyable one! 

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