After a Flood – What should you do?

Were you the victim of heavy rainfall that led to the flooding of your home? In this week’s article we will be discussing what you should do AFTER a flood.

1. Do not enter your home until the authorities have advised to do so – Floods can cause severe structural damage to buildings and render them unsafe and even knock down electricity cables. Do not enter buildings unless they are deemed safe by the authorities.

If the electricity has not been turned off, felled electricity cables can result in electrocution if touched. Steer clear of any electricity cables as well as any flood water that is in contact with electricity cables.

2. Avoid entering flood water unprotected – Residual flood water can be contaminated with raw sewage, bacteria and other pollutants which may result in infections and illnesses if entered unprotected.

Before entering flood water, ensure that you wear waterproof boots and garments to minimize your contact.

3. Clean-up and salvage damaged items – Not every appliance or piece of furniture needs to be discarded if damaged by flood water, some can be cleaned, repaired and re-used.

Based on the level of damage incurred, appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators can be repaired and restored to working condition by technicians.

4. Discard damaged goods – Unfortunately all items and goods may not be salvageable after a flood. Perishable items such as food and dried goods that made contact with flood water should be discarded immediately as there is no guarantee that they were not contaminated.

Consumption of food that has been contaminated by flood water can lead to serious illnesses such as typhoid fever, cholera, food poisoning, leptospirosis, and hepatitis A.

5. Documentation and filing an insurance claim – Properly document all of your valuables and take a detailed note of any structural damage done to your home as well as contents that were damaged by flood water. It is a good idea to photograph and/ or videotape the evidence of the flood damage  incurred.

This evidence assists you in filing a claim with your insurance provider if you are covered by a Home and Contents Insurance plan.


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Thanks for joining us this week. We hope that these tips assist you in any post-flood clean-ups. Join us again next week for more!

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