Be Insured this Carnival - 5 Types of Insurance You Should Have for Carnival!

Carnival is right around the corner with just 2 weeks to go and there is still much to do. You’re probably busy counting those reps at the gym focusing on getting that Carnival body or even looking at healthy food options at your neighborhood grocery to help you reach your goal weight. Looking good and feeling good on the road is important, but having the right types of insurance while you have fun is even better.

We did this blog with the Fete-goer in mind, and here are 5 Types of Insurance You Should Have for Carnival.

1. Motor Insurance: Don’t drive without Motor Vehicular Insurance!

Carnival time means Fetes, and getting to fetes involves transportation. Perhaps you find it more convenient to go to Fetes with your own vehicle instead of carpooling or hiring transport. This choice involves a host of risks for your vehicle as you can now become a victim of motor vehicular accidents caused by reckless driving, driving under the influence, or even both! The possibility of this happening is considerably higher during the Carnival season given the frequency of fetes and vehicles on the road, and that is more reason for your vehicle to be INSURED. Not insured? Click here for a Guardian General Motor Quote.

2. Health Insurance - Are you properly covered by Health Insurance?

Sometimes we get caught up in the revelry of the season and with revelry there comes the possibility of physical injury or health problems. Overconsumption of intoxicants, motor vehicular accidents, and physical confrontation are unfortunately negative aspects associated with Carnival and all of these can lead to adverse effects on your health. With a solid Health Insurance Policy however, you are covered for several tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare, surgery and much more!

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3. Personal Accident Insurance: Personal accidents happen but don’t let it put a damper on your Carnival plans!

That’s how it goes. Factors are outside of our control and personal accidents happen, but that does not mean you’re alone in this matter. Personal Accident Insurance is there for that very purpose and can cover the costs incurred from personal accidentst. This is important coverage any one should invest in, and is a must have during the Carnival period.

4. Travel Insurance: Carnival time means Travel time!

Many use the long Carnival weekend to fly out for a little R&R. But are you travel insured? This type of insurance covers from health problems incurred on your trip to surgery, compensation for loss of baggage, tickets and even lost accommodation fees. Whether it’s travel to neighbouring islands or to international countries, Travel Insurance is a must have for any one.

5. Residential Insurance:  Who is looking after your home while you fete?

Residential Insurance is a unique form of insurance that bundles together several forms of insurance, particularly home insurance, living expenses incurred and liability to others. This covers damages done to your building, contents, specified personal items, personal computers and liability to employees and to the public. As a homeowner, this should be at the top of your list for insurance policies.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and it helps you with becoming fully-insured this Carnival season!       



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