Beautify your Home with these 5 Tips

When you see the word “beautify”, you might immediately think “costly new furniture and accessories”, or, “hire an interior designer”. But beautifying your home does not need to be expensive, nor does it require a professional! Today, we have 5 easy, do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) tips to improve the look of your home, on a budget.

1. Select the right colours – Neutral colours, such as white, light blue or light green, are preferred for the interior of the home, to keep the atmosphere airy and complement the natural lighting of the sun. However, too many neutral colours can have your home feeling bland, over time. To offset this, try using furniture and accessories with bright colours, such as blue or yellow or choose a wall as your accent wall and paint that wall with a complementary bright colour.

Tip: A combination of neutral interior paint colours with bright-coloured furniture, curtains and bed sheets is a great way to bring balance to your home.

2. Include plants – No home is complete without at least one plant. Many persons opt to have plants in one room of their homes, such as the living room or porch area, but there is no reason why you cannot have plants in every room. Not only do the plants add a touch of natural greenery to your home, but studies have shown that having plants in your home can boost your mood, reduce stress, and fatigue, and improve the quality of air quality inside the home, by increasing humidity and producing oxygen.  Note, all plants are not house plants, some can cause allergies, some leaves are toxic to humans and pets or the sap in the leaves of some plants can cause serious skin irritation; when deciding to choose plants for inside ask your plant expert at your nearest plant shop or google it to be certain.

3. Reduce clutter – Clutter is one of the easiest ways to take away from your home’s beauty, and it can also project anxiety and/or stress on you, which is not good for your mental health. The best way to deal with clutter is to prevent a pileup over time, and one of the best ways to do this is by installing shelves or cabinets in your home for extra storage space. This additional space allows you to safely and neatly store items e.g. your cooking utensils in the kitchen, thereby reducing clutter, and keeping your home looking clean and tidy.

Tip: Is a cabinet too much for your budget? No problem! Try installing shelves instead, which offer the same advantages, but at a lower cost. You can even create the shelves yourself, using materials from your local hardware store.

4. Rearrange your bookshelves – Bookshelves are a common fixture in many homes, and can be found in living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms. Over time, like all the other fixtures in the home, these can fall victim to neglect. This can lead to clutter, disorganisation, or even the accumulation of dust – all of these negatively affect the aesthetic quality of your home. One nice, easy way to beautify your home is by rearranging your bookshelves.

TipsYou can rearrange your bookshelves in a variety of ways, including by book type, by size, or even by colour!  If you want, you can even donate these books to charity.

5. Install a headboard for your bed – A headboard is a fixture that attaches to the head of the bed, and it is the perfect piece of furniture to bring your bedroom together. The headboard can be made yourself, using a range of materials, with the most common being wood, a used wooden door, metal or upholstery. We’re partial to an upholstered headboard and to using a colour that matches or complements the rest of the bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is painted white, then a dark brown or black headboard balances everything nicely.

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Thank you for joining us for this week’s article. We hope that these 5 home beautification tips were useful to you, and we hope to see you again next week!


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