Carnival 2k19 Edition: 5 Tips for Kiddies Carnival

We’re just days away from the Greatest Show on Earth, CARNIVAL! Bodies are trim, costumes are bought and paid for, and all systems are go. Even the kiddies are ready for Kiddies Carnival 2019 and can’t wait to wear their colorful and creative costumes and parade through the streets of Port-of-Spain. While Kiddies Carnival is that time of the year when children are free to express themselves and have fun, much responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents or guardians during this time.

We’re written this blog with the parent or guardian in mind, and here are 5 Tips for Kiddies Carnival that you should definitely consider:


1. Staying hydrated – Children and adults both require adequate hydration throughout the day but children may sometimes forget or underestimate the importance of this. Lack of hydration coupled with intense sunlight and hours on your feet can lead to fainting spells, extreme fatigue or worse. Ensure that any child taking part in Kiddies Carnival has an insulated bottle filled with cold water that they keep on their person at all times to remain hydrated throughout the day.

2. Proper Communication Tools – We may have differing views on giving cellphones to children at too young an age, but we cannot deny the usefulness of the device. If your child is playing Kiddies Carnival, give them an inexpensive cellphone to keep in touch via text or phone call. For good measure, have the cellphones set to both Vibrate and Ring to improve its effectiveness in noisy environments.

3. Staying in sight – Keep your eyes on your children! Children can get easily lost in the sea of colors and costumes and coordination can become especially difficult in environments with very loud music and audio disturbances. Adults should stay close-by and within sight and earshot of children at all times so they do not end up lost. If you are attempting to walk through crowds of people, hold hands with your children and keep them close to your person.

4. Do not talk to strangers – It is important to teach children not to converse with strangers, particularly during the Carnival season. While some strangers may be genuine, it is difficult to determine who are seeking to do harm to your child and who are not. Therefore, the best bet is to avoid conversations with strangers at all times. Prior to going to Kiddies Carnival, teach children that in the event that they are lost, identify and speak to the nearest Police Officer stationed in the vicinity and explain the situation to them.

5. Identification Information – Create an Identification Band or Tag with your child’s name and emergency contact numbers for yourself and family or friends who are present with you. Have your child wear this at all times during Kiddies Carnival and advise them to pay careful attention and not lose this band or tag. You can never be too cautious and in the event that your child gets lost, they can be easily identified and the emergency contacts can be reached quickly, notifying you of your child’s location.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog and from all of us at Guardian Group, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Carnival 2k19!

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