“Christmas Season Tips: How To Store Leftovers.” 

The Christmas Season represents many things and one aspect of this holiday that truly stands out is FOOD. That’s right, endless varieties of delicious local and international cuisine cooked to perfection. However, you may estimate your ingredients incorrectly when cooking and accidentally make more food than you bargained for. What can you do if this happens?

Instead of letting food waste you can store it properly as leftovers to last for weeks or even months.

1. Store leftovers properly: Containers determine how long stored foods can stay without spoiling. For example, storing foods in airtight containers will ensure the food remains fresher for longer when compared to storing foods in plastic bags. When storing leftovers, bear in mind that the best containers to use are clean, sterile glass containers with air-tight covers.

2. Use freezer bags for freezing food: In the event that you make more food that can be consumed within the week, your next best option is to freeze it and re-use in the months to come. The best way for storing food in a freezer is by using special freezer bags. These bags are designed to withstand the temperature of the freezer without being damaged and when sealed, prevents external agents from spoiling or affecting the food.

3. Portion food before storing: Before storing food, it is wise to portion each meal or dish. This way, you can defrost portions per request or need instead of defrosting (if frozen) all of the food  just to use a bit.

P.S Constantly defrosting and re-freezing food affects flavour, texture and leads to spoilage.

4. Dedicate a “Leftovers Day” per week: Select a day of the week that is dedicated strictly to leftovers or using leftovers in some way. This way, leftovers can steadily be used, money is saved and there is less likelihood of food going back while in storage. Popular Leftovers Days are Wednesday and Friday but you may choose any day of the week that you prefer.

5. Use cooked meals as ingredients: Instead of reheating leftovers and consuming as meals, use leftovers as ingredients in new dishes. This helps make leftovers more exciting to eat and use, gives more variety to meals and elevates the levels of dishes. For example, leftover grilled chicken can be sautéed with vegetables or used in pasta dishes such as pasta alfredo.

We hope these tips help you with those leftovers this season. Cheers! 


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