Cost-effective Home Improvement Tips from Guardian Group

When you hear home improvement, one word comes to mind: expense. While some types of home improvement, such as large-scale renovations or purchasing of new furniture can cost quite a bit, you can still carry out home improvement in a cost-effective manner by using these tips from Guardian Group.


Increase your storage space – Increasing your storage space is one of the most overlooked tips for home improvement and when done properly, can reduce clutter in your home, allows for storage of more items and makes your home more liveable.

Some ways you can increase your storage space are by installing closets in your bedrooms and pantry areas of your home and shelves the unused corners of your rooms.

Start a garden – A garden can easily improve your home’s image and value and can be a fun way to pass the time as well. This tip is particularly helpful for homes that contain very little natural greenery, as a garden can bring help to add a softer touch.

Some steps to consider when starting a garden:

  • Decide what you would like to grow
  • Choose a location that is away from any sources of damage
  • Invest in gardening tools
  • Test your soil and lay your gardening beds
  • Use high quality seeds
  • Nurture your garden

Gardens not only add aesthetic value to your home but are great ways to grow some of your day-to-day herbs and vegetables.


Add more electrical outlets – Electrical outlets not only provide you with more convenience to access power for your appliances and tools, but also remove the need for bulky extension cords that can take up room and be quite unsightly.

As a rule of thumb, each room of your home should contain at least two electrical outlets, depending on the need.

Pro TipInstall extra electrical outlets outside of your home. This prevents the need for extension cords, allows you to maintain the exterior of your home easier with electrical tools and gives you a safer way to entertain your guests. Electrical outlets for the exterior of your home should be shielded and weather resistant.


Use technology Technology is constantly advancing and can always be counted on to help improve our lives, but did you know you can use technology to improve your home? Whether it is the installation IP security camera systems around your home or AI virtual assistants like Alexa, technology provides peace of mind and improves your home’s efficiency.

Note - An investment in technology for your home today can save you even more in the future and it is definitely worth it.

Install blackout curtains – Lighting can bring out the beauty in a room and even lead to many health benefits. However, excess light can reduce comfort, lead to increase energy consumption for cooling and affect sleep quality. By installing blackout curtains, you help to block out excess light from entering your rooms, save energy on air conditioning or heating through the reduction in thermal loss and even decrease noise as blackout curtains are made of thicker materials than regular curtains.

Blackout curtains are popular choices for bedrooms that are located close to roads, and helps to keep out the glare of streetlights and passing cars’ headlights.

Home improvement doesn’t have to be costly to be effective and with these 5 tips, you are sure to keep your costs down and the benefits high.

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