Driving at Night - 5 Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Driving at night is a part of our daily commute but unlike driving during the day, even more care must be taken at night due to the increased likelihood of motor vehicular accidents. Car accident statistics show that despite there being 60% less traffic at night, more than 40% of motor vehicular accidents occur at night as opposed to during the day.

This week we would like to talk about tips for staying safe on the road when driving at night:

1. Slow down – This could never be overstated. Speed is a factor in many motor vehicular activities, and unfortunately driving at night can leave you more open to accidents due to decreased visibility. Proceed to your destination within the required speed limit.

2. Test your lights – Do you have a faulty headlight that you have not gotten around to fixing because it was not that important? Your vehicle lights, including headlights, fog lamps and brake lights should be tested regularly and repaired immediately if damaged. Not only is driving with damaged lights against the law, but it makes it more dangerous when driving at night due to lack of visibility for both you and other drivers.

3. Keep your eyes on the road – It is important that you remain completely focused on the road when driving at night. Your headlights can only provide so much visibility; the rest is up to you. A split-second look-away from the road can result in an accident.

4. Make proper use of High-beam lights – High beam lights may seem like a cosmetic option for some, but they do serve a purpose. These powerful lights provide illumination within 500 feet ahead, which can allow you to see any obstructions ahead with ease.

5. Keep your dashboard clear – Your dashboard might seem like free real estate to place items out of convenience, but this can create obstructions in your view while driving. Be sure to keep your dashboard completely clear so you can see completely clearly through your windscreen.


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Thanks for joining us for this week’s blog. We hope that these tips were useful to you. Join us again next week for more!

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