Home Safety Hacks: 5 Tips on Making Your home Safe!

Your home… your fortress of solitude… the crib… your safe place. Whatever you may call it, your home should be a place that you are truly at peace and at ease with the world, a place where you can safely retire after a long day and sleep soundly knowing that you are well-guarded from all peril. However, we can never be too safe and any precaution we can take to make our homes safer should never be thrown to the wind.

That is why we have written this week’s blog with Home Safety Hacks in mind. Here are 5 Tips on Making Your Home Safe, compliments of Guardian Group.

1. Create a Neighborhood WhatsApp Watch Group – We live in the age of technology and the simple act of creating a Neighborhood WhatsApp Watch Group can go a long way in keeping you and your home safe. Whether you’re away from home or asleep, having extra pairs of eyes and ears can make all of the difference, and it is 100% free surveillance that anyone can benefit from. A stranger spotted lurking in your backyard and your camera didn’t pick it up? Your neighbors may have spotted him first and notified you via your WhatsApp group in real time; allowing you to immediately call for help or give you the time to properly defend yourself and your family.

2. Install Motion-Activated Lights – Are there areas of your home that are particularly dark and devoid of light at night? Areas like this provide good cover for burglars and prowlers who make use of the lack of illumination carry out their tasks easier. A good safety hack to rectify this is to install Motion-Activated Lights. These lights are both Electric and Solar-Powered and can be self-installed by anyone. Once movement is detected within the range of the system, the lights activate and illuminate the entire area, allowing full visibility. In the case of burglars and prowlers, this light can easily make them visible and blow their cover.

3. Keep your property Landscaped – Tall bushes, overgrown lawns and large trees give perfect coverage to the nefarious and invited unwanted company to your property. They able to easily hide and operate unnoticed until it is too late. By doing simple tasks such as regularly mowing your lawns, pruning trees and generally keeping your property landscaped and free of unnecessary bulk, you are giving prowlers and burglars less places to hide; making housebreaking more difficult to accomplish.

4. Keep Empty Electronic boxes out of sight – This might seem like an unusual safety tip, but it is certainly a real one. Empty electronic boxes can attract unwanted attention when left out in the open as they can give criminals an idea of the goodies in store for them in your home; making it that more enticing to burglarize. This holds particularly true for empty boxes from Television Sets, Personal Computers, Laptops; all costly items that can be easily re-sold on the black market. Remember, keep empty electronic boxes indoors and out of sight, or break them down and place in black trash bags before discarding.

5. Install Fake Security Cameras – Surveillance and security systems are expensive, particularly comprehensive systems that protect an entire house, and this may be out of reach for the average homeowner. Don’t worry; fake security cameras are also effective in reducing burglary and prowlers. While the cameras themselves would not be active, potential burglars and prowlers cannot be sure of this and would be likely warded off by the very sight of the cameras out of fear of being seen. This makes your home less likely to be burglarized. This is not a permanent tip however, and all efforts should be made to install an operational security system.

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These are our 5 Tips on Making Your Home Safe. We hope this blog gives you ideas on making your home safer, and don’t forget to join us next week for our next blog addition!


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