How to create a Hurricane Evacuation Plan for your Family

In this week’s installment of our Hurricane-preparedness series, we would like to highlight evacuation plans and how to create one in preparation for a Hurricane. We can take all the measures we humanly can to keep our homes and family safe, but should a hurricane prove to be too dangerous, evacuation is the only option left to safeguard your life and the lives of your loved ones.

With this article we will cover 5 steps in creating a solid Evacuation Plan to keep you and your family safe:

1. Create a meeting spot – This spot can be anywhere, but ideally a place that is located away from the effects of the hurricane and heavily fortified in the event of any effects of the hurricane; a strong, sturdy building that has room to hold a large group of people. This meeting spot information should be privy to all members of your household. You should also become familiar with the list of national shelters, as they are often equipped for disasters such as these and provide all the necessary care that is needed.

NOTE: Have an alternate route planned in the event your route of choice is rendered impassable.


2. Have an emergency kit – Emergency kits should not just be kept in your home but also in your vehicle. This emergency kit is made specifically in the event that you have to evacuate your home on short notice and should contain, but not be limited to the following items:

- A few gallons of fresh, drinking water.

- Toilet Paper

- Garbage Bags

- Non-perishable food (canned foods) to last 12 hours

- Candles/Matches

- A full cannister of gas

- Fully-charged portable phone-charger

- Blankets

3. Plan for your pets – Do you have pets? If so, they deserve a special place in your evacuation plan. If you do not already have carriers for your pets, you should buy some ahead of time, especially if you have large pets, such as dogs and cats. Carriers are sturdy and safe and designed to support the weight of the animals inside. It also makes transporting your pets easier.

4. Review and update – A plan is only as strong as its execution. Review your plan annually if you live in a hurricane-prone country and make necessary changes as you see fit. In the hours leading up to the Hurricane, monitor the news and weather updates carefully for any changes that may be detrimental and may modify your evacuation plan.

Any change that is made should be immediately conveyed to your household and you should ensure that everyone knows the ins and outs of the new evacuation plan.


5. Know when to return – Once you have evacuated an area or your property, wait until the area is declared safe by officials and disaster personnel before you and your loved ones return.

Sometimes the eye of the hurricane may lead us to think that the worst is over and returning home is safe if you had evacuated. This is very dangerous as the eye of the hurricane is a ring of temporarily calm weather located at the centre of the hurricane and is surrounded by thunderstorms. Upon the passing of the eye, strong thunderstorms and winds usually continue.

You should wait until full confirmation has been given by the authorities, that the hurricane has passed or dissipated and it is completely safe to return home.


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We thank you for joining us this week. We wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend and please join us again next week for more!

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