How To Vacation on a Budget

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Maybe at least once a week, once a day or every time an unexpected event occurs that just throws you off? With an endless to-do list, vacationing always comes last when budgeting, but have no fear, travelling on a budget is possible.

Yes you deserve it, your family deserves it and believe it or not, you can plan a dream vacation on a budget!

Tip#1- Establish a budget.

Identify a destination that suits your pocket and aim towards slowly achieving it. From the moment you start thinking about your destination options, allocate a small amount every month towards a vacation fund. Note – it can be as little as $100.00.

Tip#2 - Stay Focused.

As exciting and spontaneous as it may seem to just book a flight and jump on a plane, you should plan your trip way in advance and during off-peak periods. This can significantly affect the cost of your flight and accommodation.

Tip#3 – Plan Ahead.

We all love the thrill of that last minute excitement, but booking trips early can make a vast difference in travel cost. The fear of losing confirmed flights and booked rooms through unexpected events has all hindered us in the past, but travel insurance is the solution for these financial travel uncertainties.

Tip #4– Make the internet your best friend.

When looking for the best travel ideas and deals, the internet becomes your travel guide. Visit travel websites which have become very sophisticated within the last decade , with all sorts of comparisons and evaluations, that make decision making a breeze, before making a final decision. So much can be discovered virtually, don’t be afraid to explore. Bonus Tip- Mid-week bookings are always cheaper.

Like everything else in life, information is the key to mitigating our financial travel fears. Before you anticipate the financial impact, do a little research and begin with a plan.


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