Hurricane Aftermath: How to submit a Property Insurance Claim

The inevitable happened and a hurricane made landfall, leading to considerable damage to property, contents or even both. Luckily you have invested in a sound Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy which covers this sort of problem.

What should you do next?

1. Complete your Property Claim Form – A Property Claim Form is a fillable form that must submitted to your Insurance Company.
Some questions that you are required to answer include:

- Location of your home/property.
- Were the premises being occupied at the time of damage?
- What were the premises being used for?
- Who is the owner(s) of the property?
- Brief description of the damage incurred.

2. Estimate of the damage done to your Home and/or Contents – A Home and Contents Insurance Policy provides coverage based on the value of the property/contents insured. When submitting a Property or Contents Insurance Claim, you must provide an estimate of the damage incurred to property or contents that were damaged only.

3. Photo/Video proof of damage to Home and/or Contents - Filling and submitting your claim form with an estimate is essential, but it helps to have photo and video proof of the damages done to your home or contents to not only strengthen your case but also expedite your claim process.

4. Valid Photo ID (Driver’s Permit, ID Card or Passport) – You require a valid form of photo ID, whether it be your driver’s permit, ID card or passport. This confirms your identity as the policyholder. However in instances where documentation has been lost due to effects of a Hurricane, the Insurance Company may validate your identify by referring to stored records which would include copies of your ID.

5. Certified copy of ownership – As the policyholder, you must also have a certified copy of ownership of the home that was covered under your Home Insurance Policy. This is a necessary part of the submission process and it also helps to alleviate instances of fraud.

6. VAT Certificate, VAT letter, BIR # - In the case of business places insured under a home and contents insurance policy that were affected by hurricanes, it is crucial to provide your VAT Certificate. The VAT certificate is a form of licensing that allows a business to under the VAT regulations to legally file taxes, obtain tax refunds and move products in and out of the country.  A VAT letter (obtained from the VAT Office) and BIR # can also be submitted based on what is requested by your Insurance provider.

The steps outlined above are typical requirements for the submission of a Property Claims Form but may vary based on your Insurance provider. It is important that you take note of the above information and make changes where necessary to ensure that should your home and contents suffer damages from a hurricane, you are adequately prepared to submit your claim on time.

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