Increase your Home’s Security with these 5 Home Hacks from Guardian Group

Your home provides security and protection for yourself and your loved ones and that is why increasing your security is of paramount importance. You should take every precaution possible and Guardian Group is here today to help with these 5 hacks to increase your home’s security and provide that much needed peace of mind.

1. Install lighting in the darkest areas of your home – At night you may choose to keep only certain areas of your home lit, such as your porch or front yard, but unlit areas can be used for persons seeking to commit nefarious acts, such as burglary. By installing lighting in all areas of your house and immediate property, you make it less likely to remain hidden.

Note – Install motion-sensor activated lights for your property and backyard. Well-lit properties and backyards are less desirable to burglars as they are unable to move about unseen and this makes your home an unlikely target for them.

2. Install a deadbolt on your doors – The doors of your house are the main points of entry and should be adequately secured to provide maximum protection and security. In addition to traditional door locks, consider installing a deadbolt for increased protection.

Info Bit - A deadbolt is different from traditional locks that use springs, as the deadbolt can only be locked or unlocked by turning the key. This not only makes it harder to pick, but also makes it harder to enter your home.

3. Install a security camera system – Security camera systems are a must for any home and give you 24/7 surveillance of all corners of your home. These systems have grown more sophisticated over time, with the IP line of security camera systems that work over a WiFi network. This means that through mobile apps, you are able to monitor your home and surroundings by connecting into your camera’s direct feed.

Note – Security camera systems come in different price ranges based on features. Shop around and speak to a professional to determine what system is best for your home. Remember, this is an investment that can safeguard your home and save you  more in the long-term.

4. Invest in a safe – Safes may come across as a medieval form of security, but they provide exceptional security for your valuables, particular for smaller items such as important documents, jewellery and cash.

The ideal safe should be fireproof, waterproof, and heavy enough that persons cannot lift and easily walk away with it.

5. Keep expensive items indoors – Leaving expensive items outside of your home and in plain view can make your home a target for burglaries should they be seen by potential criminals. These items include barbecue grills, stereo systems, electronics and power tools. Once you are finished using, bring these items indoors and secure properly in a locked room.

Note – Having a secured garage with a garage door not only provides you with a safe space for your vehicles but can also double as a storage unit for your every-day use items. This allows you to keep these items outside of your home, but still in a secure area.


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These are our 5 Home Hacks on increasing your home’s security. We hope this article gives you ideas on making your home safer, and please join us next week for our next post.

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