Insurance Awareness - 5 Steps in making a Motor Insurance Claim

Motor accidents, we try our best to avoid them but sometimes circumstances are out of our control and they happen. You get into an accident, your vehicle is damaged, the question is; what should you do next? Motor accidents can be an emotional and stressful situation for all parties involved but it is important to keep a cool head and approach the situation in a logical manner and take the best course of action to getting your vehicle back, in top working condition.  

Step 1 - The first thing you should do is take a deep breath and remain calm and collected. When approaching the other party involved, do so in a respectful manner in order to mediate the situation properly. Next, collect information from the other party involved. This information should include: registration number, full name, current address, contact number, ID number, Drivers Permit Number, and Insurance information. Feel free to use your phone to take photos of these details as they do come in useful when submitting a claim. In the instance where the other party involved in the accident has either fled the scene or provided incorrect information about themselves in order to avoid the repercussions, try to capture the vehicle registration number, and try to note the colour and make of the vehicle, for information purposes. As such, it is extremely important that you get this information and pass this on to the Police to supplement their investigations, especially if the other party involved is very clearly culpable.  
Step 2 
- After collecting all the necessary information, the second step is to contact the police as soon as possible and provide details about the accident. If the accident was minor and your vehicle is still operational, you may choose to visit the nearest police station and give your statement. However, if the accident was major and your car is not functional, contact the police and give your statement to the officers that arrive to assist you. Remember, you can always call ForenSys for on-site evaluation. 

Step 3 - Your third step is to contact your insurance provider and give them all the information that you have collected from the accident. This would include your personal statements, information from other involved parties and the official police report of the accident. It is important to keep your insurance provider in the loop as early as possible as the motor claims process can take time based on the complexity of the situation. 

Step 4 - During the fourth step, a Claims Specialist will be assigned to you by your insurance provider. The Claims Specialist is responsible for bridging the gap between the client and the other party’s insurance provider. They will perform routine inspections, cost-analysis for auto-body repair shops and analyze the claim to ensure that no fraud is being attempted. During this time, he or she will investigate your claim thoroughly while taking all factors and evidence into consideration from parties involved, after which a final decision is made concerning the settlement.  
Step 5
 - At the fifth step, the claim is either approved in your favor or denied. Should it be approved, the Claims Specialist will resolve and approve payment settlements for the parties involved in a timely manner to facilitate the repair of the vehicle/s in question. This settlement is paid in full to the auto-body repair shop, and repairs are then done on your vehicle to bring it back to working condition.  

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