Money Management for Christmas: 6 Ways You Can Save when Shopping

Christmas is the time of the year when shopping reigns supreme, but if you are not careful you may end up spending much more than you budgeted. While we would want to shower our loved ones with gifts they deserve, it is also important to be mindful of your financial limits. This is particularly important for those of us who are paid monthly and must wait till the end of January for our next salary.

Here are some fast tips on how to management your money this Christmas:

1. Make a list: Log the gifts you are buying for each person and the money budgeted per gift.

2. Allocate money towards groceries, food and drinks for the season.

3. If traveling, budget for ALL of your expenses: ticket cost, travel insurance, rental vehicles, petrol usage and the like.

4. Track your spending: Check your budget daily to ensure that you are spending within your parameters.

5. Use discounts or coupons when shopping online.

6. Take advantage of Pre-Christmas and Post-Christmas Sales.


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