On the Road ā€“ Carnival Safety Tips

Just 1 week left till Carnival on February 24th and 25th! What are your plans? If you are on the road this year, it is important that you take all the necessary steps to keep yourself and your group safe so you can enjoy Carnival 2K20 with no worries.

This week we have put together some simple Carnival Safety Tips that you can follow to safeguard yourself and your loved ones when you are on the road.

1. Wear minimal jewellery - Jewellery, particularly gold and silver, may attract unwanted attention and increase the risk of being robbed or mugged. Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry or opt to wear plastic or beaded accessories instead.

2. Travel in groups – Safety in numbers. Traveling in groups to and from your destinations increases your level of safety and reduces instances of robbery or mugging.

NOTE – Keep in communication with your group at all times and designate specific meeting points to go to, should you become separated. These meeting points should be a noticeable landmark that is easy to find.

3. Designate a driver – Will you be consuming alcohol or other intoxicants? Consumption of intoxicants can impair your driving ability, thus resulting in road accidents. If you are heading to or from parties, designate a driver who will not be indulging in intoxicants to transport yourself or your group.

4. Do not carry excess cash – If you are on the road this Carnival, use as little cash as possible. Excessive cash attracts unwanted attention and can also increase the time it takes to conduct financial transactions.

NOTE - Carry minimal cash and make use of LINX or Credit Cards.

5. Secure your vehicle – If you are out and about with your vehicle during Carnival, ensure that it is always secured when you park. This includes using paid car parks and parking in designated parking lots. By doing this, you can reduce the likelihood of vandalism or theft of your vehicle.

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Thanks for joining us for this week’s article. Please join us again next week for more!

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