Own a Boat? Here is how to Protect your Boat during Hurricane Season!

The Caribbean Islands are home to avid boaters and companies that operate cargo and transport vessels and as we are one month into the Hurricane Season, we decided to write this blog entry with you in mind, with key tips on how you can safely secure your vessel and mitigate damage during a Hurricane.

During the months of June – November, the frequency of Tropical Waves, Tropical Storms and the likelihood of Hurricanes developing at sea is much higher than any other time of the year. The high wind speeds produced by these natural weather phenomena can result in the generation of extremely powerful waves which can severely damage vessels at sea, and even result in loss of life.

So how can you protect your vessel?

Evacuation plan – Hurricanes can be unpredictable; you may be prepared to leave your boat docked at a marina thinking that the worst effects of the hurricane would not affect you. Do not assume this, you may find yourself last minute with very little time, having to pull your boat from the water. A good rule of thumb is to remove all detachable items and accessories from your boat in preparation to pull it from the water. It's also Important to listen carefully to the weather forecasts as maintaining constant  contact with the marina where your boat is docked.

Secure boat in the water – If you decide to keep your boat in the water, ensure that it is securely anchored using at least two (2) sturdy anchors to keep it in position. The anchor lines should be 7-10 times the water depth at the place of docking to give your boat some flexibility in movement and floating should there be strong winds and rough seas resulting from the hurricane.

Remove all essential documents – Do you keep important boating documents on board? Licenses, registration papers and boating insurance policy documents? The best bet is to remove all of these documents from the boat and keep in a safe, dry location on land the moment there is a possibility of a hurricane developing.

Hurricane and storm conditions can worsen in the blink of an eye and if they hit sporadically, the last thing you want is for these crucial documents to be on board your vessel.

Pull boat from the water – It is better to be safe than sorry. Perhaps the best approach you can take is to remove your boat from the water and have it safely secured in a covered building on flat, dry land. Any accessories or detachable items should be removed and/or safely tied down with heavy-duty lines. Give further protection to your vessel by using blocks around the wheels to prevent from rolling.

Get Marine Insurance – Marine Insurance is a specific type of general insurance that caters to boat owners (pleasure boaters and commercial shippers). It provides coverage for loss or damages caused to your vessel and on-board accessories that result from theft, fire, collision and more. Not only this, but Marine Insurance also covers the cost that you are legally liable to pay in the event of damage caused by your vessel, such as injuries to persons and/or damage to other vessels. Having a strong Marine Insurance coverage plan will insure your vessel against any possible damage that can be inflicted by a Hurricane.

Own a Boat? Don’t have Marine Insurance? Get Marine Insurance! Call Guardian General at 226-6944 for more information on MarineGuard Insurance!

We hope that this segment was an enjoyable and informative read for you. Please join us again next week for more!

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