Quarterly Review: Achieving your Goals for the rest of 2019

We have officially passed the first 5 months of 2019 and soon we will be in the 6th month. Before you know it, we would have reached the end of 2020. What have you achieved so far?

Many of us have set goals and objectives to be met for the year of 2019, some of which may have even coincided with New Year Resolutions. It is important to review what was achieved and ascertain what is left to do for the rest of the year.

This is where the importance of a Quarterly Review comes into play. Quarterly Reviews are business reports that are done in all major companies and help show the success of policies, and profits or losses they derive from their products and services. There should be no difference between a major company and an individual in this regard, and therefore the same Quarterly Review should be made to determine individual successes, failures, and to find solutions for issues in your life.

We previously wrote about setting and achieving these goals and objectives in “New Year Resolutions: How to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions”, and this is our follow-up piece written specifically to assist you in making changes to your life and achieving your goals for the rest of 2019.
Many of us have set goals and objectives to be met for the year of 2019, some of which may have even coincided with New Year Resolutions. It is important to review what was achieved and ascertain what is left to do for the rest of the year.

1. Introspection: According to , Introspection is defined as self-examination and analyzing yourself. After 5 months of work you should take the time to sit back, relax and reflect on what you have achieved so far for the year 2019. Ask yourself the big questions;

Did you achieve what you set out to do within the first quarter of the year or were you unable to make your deadlines?
What were the circumstances for not achieving your goals for the first quarter of 2019?
Were the circumstances within your control?
How can you prevent these circumstances from reoccurring for the rest of the year?
Are your goals still achievable in the year 2019 or do you need to extend your deadlines?


2. Importance of the Goal: You have identified why these goals are important to you; important enough that you set them for completion in the year 2019. Remind yourself of why you made this decision and why these goals are important to you.
After 5 months, have you reached a satisfactory level of progression in these goals? If not, then you need to re-evaluate its importance and determine if these goals are in fact worth pursuing.

Often times we feel strongly about things and set timelines for achievements, only to falter half-way after realizing that the goals were not as important as we once thought. This is completely fine, and the sooner you determine that these goals are no longer important to you, the sooner you can re-focus your energies on something that is more worthwhile.

3. Track your performance: Tracking your performance is a great way to quantify your success with the goals you have set out for yourself, especially if these goals are year-long. Without this, you may fall short of your goals and take a longer time to realize them, or even end up not achieving them altogether. For example, world-class athletes track their performance over the course of their training and constantly push themselves to achieve new heights. This approach should be similarly adopted to everyday life and the realization of your dreams and goals; always seek to overcome and surpass your previous limits.

A quarterly review is a great way to track performance and shows you the progress rate, time taken and the success or failures you have encountered on your path to achieving your goals.

You started a new school programme at the beginning of 2019. Were you able to meet your project deadlines and pass your exams? If Yes, then you are on the right track. No? Identify the areas of weakness and find the best solution to preventing this in the future.

4. Have a Vision of Success: 5 months have passed but you are not comfortable with the level of progression you have made with your goals; What should you do? It is easy to feel like a failure and become disenchanted when you are not at the stage you would like to be but remember that this is completely normal. Sometimes situations outside of your control are solely responsible for you not being where you’d like to be with your goals, but what is important is to have a vision for your success.

Where do you see yourself at the end of 2019? Despite lags in the first 5 months, you still have 7 months left to make a difference and turn things around. Keep focused on the end result and stay driven.

5. Manage your time: 5 months have gone by and you have 7 months left. If you have determined that your goals are still achievable in 7 months, then it is paramount that you manage your time. Some goals require more time and effort than others, but with proper time management, you can make steady progress in the realizing of your goals.

Set micro-goals for the other months of the year that lead up to your final goal; this would make goal-management much easier and less overwhelming as your larger goals are now split up with specific timeframes to keep you grounded and focused on the tasks at hand.

Performing a Quarterly Review is a great way to gauge your progress with your goals and helps you to plan for the rest of the year. We at Guardian Group hope that these tips assist you in your goals for the rest of 2019. Thank you for reading and join us again next week for our next instalment!

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