Roadside Assistance – Why should you get it?

Roadside Assistance is a private service available to drivers should their motor vehicle encounter mechanical failure while on the road. This service is offered in most countries and may even come bundled with your motor insurance policy.

A very useful service, today we would like to discuss 5 reasons why Roadside Assistance is an important part of your insurance policy.

1. Flat tyres – Possibly the most common issue encountered by drivers on the road. Flat tyres can be changed quickly by a driver who has done the procedure before, but for a new driver, this experience may be a technically difficult one, leading them to require Roadside Assistance.

2. Dead battery – Whether through corrosion, electrical drains, or issues with your car’s alternator, a dead battery can be a great source of distress if it happens while you are on the road. The car’s battery is responsible for feeding the starter, which starts the engine and a dead battery means your car would be unable to start.

Roadside Assistance can provide aid with jumper cables to recharge your battery on the spot.

3. Out of gas – Perhaps you overestimated how far your remaining bar of gas would get you, thinking that it would be just enough to get you to the nearest gas station. Roadside Assistance can include delivery of fuel directly to your vehicle at a cost (delivery cost and cost of the fuel).

4. Towing – Involved in an accident and your motor vehicle is unable to move? Roadside Assistance provides both wrecking and towing services to quickly move your vehicle from the crash site to a location of your choosing.

5. Locksmith services – Imagine reaching into your pockets for your car keys only to find your pockets empty. No problem! Roadside Assistance provides professional locksmith services to assist you should you lose your keys or are unable to enter your vehicle due to problems with the locks on your vehicle’s doors.

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