Secure and Protect your Windows this Rainy Season with these 5 Tips

Your windows are important parts of your home and they have a wide range of purposes, from letting in sunlight and fresh air into your home, to keeping out unwanted intruders.

However, windows are particularly susceptible to the heavy rainfall and strong winds that accompany the rainy season, and proactive care should be taken to keep your windows secured and protected.

Today we have brought you 5 tips on how to secure and protect your windows this rainy season -

1. Hurricane film – Heavy rainfall and strong winds can very easily damage or destroy your windows if sharp and heavy objects such as tree branches, stones or debris are blown into or collide with them. In the case of glass windows, this can cause immediate shattering which can be dangerous to your person as glass shards can cut or puncture you. Hurricane film provides your first line of defence by preventing your windows from shattering.

Hurricane film is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your windows and helps to prevent the shattering of windowpanes. It can easily be installed by sticking the sheets unto the glass. Large sheets can be purchased and cut to fit your window sizes.

2. Plywood sheets – Installing plywood sheeting can offer tremendous and inexpensive protection against the rain and heavy winds. This provides a strong layer of protection, whereby objects or debris collides with the plywood first, before reaching the glass. This is particularly useful during tropical storms when instances of strong winds and flying debris are higher and helps to prevent major damage to your windows.

Plywood sheets can be purchased at your nearest hardware and require minimal installation. This process can be done using nails or screws. These sheets should be placed on the external end of the window.

3. High-impact glass windows – High-impact glass windows are stronger versions of regular glass windows that are made with up to two panes of reinforced glass. This offers greater protection as the probability of the glass shattering is significantly lower when compared to regular glass windows.

High-impact glass windows are on the expensive end of window protection, but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs as they are aesthetic, easy to install and can remain indefinitely thus offering you long-term window protection.

4. Storm shutters – A storm shutter is another useful way to secure and protect your windows during the rainy season and act as a shield to protect against flying debris or heavy winds. They are like plywood sheets except that storm shutters are reinforced to withstand the effects of tropical storms and can be kept install year-round.

Storm shutters can be purchased or made specifically to suit your windows. If you do install storm shutters, perform a yearly inspection and ensure that any defects or damages are repaired immediately.

5. Apply sealant – Sealants can be applied on the edges of your window to plug any gaps and prevent leaks and air or water from entering your home when your window is closed. Over time leaks can reduce the integrity of the window, the frame and the wall so it is important to seal them as soon as possible.

Silicone is a popular and easy-to-find solution that can be used to caulk windows and other areas of your home. Apply sealants to the external end of your windows.

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