Tips on Investment Planning!

Investment planning is the process of identifying effective investment opportunities and using strategies to properly manage and maximize the returns on these investments. Notable types of investments are purchasing of shares, mutual funds, real estate and stock trading.

When should you start investment planning? The answer is: the sooner the better!

1. Decide your goal – What is the investment planning for? Clearly establish why you are investing, what you hope to achieve and take into consideration your income, assets, and the likelihood of asset appreciation or depreciation.

2. Automate your payments – Automatically allocate a specific amount of money at the end of each month to go towards an investment. For example, if you have invested in a mutual fund plan, set up a standing order that automatically deducts from your savings account to cover this payment instantly.

3. Diversify your investments – As the saying goes, “don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket”. Similarly, in investment planning, there are various areas you can invest in and you should explore as many of them as possible in order to diversify and spread out potential risk.

4. Stay informed – Investment planning requires you to be constantly updated on all trends and changes that could potentially affect your investments. By staying informed you can also encounter new investment opportunities.

5. Prioritize – When investing, it is important that you prioritize your goals. If you have several investments, prioritize these investments according to their importance and potential returns.

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