Vacation Without Leaving your Home! 5 Creative Ways you can enjoy your July-August Vacation

Many of us have had our vacation plans cancelled this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Whether travelling abroad or spending time at a resort right here in the Caribbean, all our travelling plans are now on hold due to closed borders. But did you know that there are several creative ways for you to travel without even leaving your home?

Today we have brought you 5 ways you can enjoy your July-August vacation right in the comfort of your home!

1. Cook meals from your favourite destinations – Are you a lover of Italian cuisine? That doesn’t mean you need to travel all the way to Italy just to get an authentic pasta dish. There are many trusted recipes online of your favourite Italian dishes; simply do a search online, make a check list of ingredients and get to cooking! Enjoy the experience cooking with your loved ones and saves yourself the money as well.

Italian, Chinese, American, Lebanese, Spanish, you name it! Every cuisine imaginable can be found on the internet, and it just requires a little searching.

2. Learn a new language – One of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of vacationing in another country is experiencing a new culture, and definitely a new language. Take for example visiting Tokyo in August and trying your hand at speaking Japanese. Just because we cannot travel does not mean that we cannot still experience the language of that country.

3. Take a virtual tour of global heritage sites – Several international heritage sites offer virtual tours which can be done in the comfort of your home. While you may miss out on the opportunity to see and physically experience certain parts of these tours, you are still able to save thousands of dollars in travelling costs, all the while learning about different heritage sites. You can even take screenshots of these virtual tours as keepsakes!

Click here  to experience UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Virtual Tours.

4. Watch a travel-themed movie – There are quite a few travel-themed movies where the central plot involves travelling to different countries. Although not as exciting as it would be to physically travel to different countries on your own, it is still exciting enough to stimulate your imagination, as you can visualise yourself alongside the characters of the movie as they experience different cultures, cities and countries.

5. Plan for your next trip! – Last but certainly not least, a great way for you to vacation without leaving your home is to plan your next trip! While there is no official indication of when borders will reopen, we can stay optimistic and keep occupied by planning that long-awaited vacation trip. Whether it is the same one that was put on hold this year, or an entirely new one, the process of planning a trip can be almost like taking the trip itself based on the amount of research that goes into it. While researching the best beaches and restaurants in Hawaii you may actually start to feel like you are in Hawaii!

Some travel agencies are accepting bookings from now in time for next year and this can save you cash as hotels and flights are quite inexpensive at this time. The earlier you start, the better off you will be.


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