Vacationing for Easter? Get Travel Insurance!

Easter is finally here so what are your plans? This time of the year is popular for visiting the beach and sipping cold beverages with friends and family. Perhaps you want to do things differently in 2019 and vacation in another country instead? Whether your tickets are already booked or you are still weighing your options for travelling, one thing you should be sure to get is Travel Insurance.  
The benefits of this form of insurance are quite broad and we have taken the liberty of outlining some of the key reasons why you should get Travel Insurance if you’re vacationing away from home this Easter: 

1. Coverage of your baggage and Personal effects: Travel Insurance provides coverage for the baggage and personal effects you are taking on your trip. This applies to theft, burglary or accidents that result in damages or loss of items and provides compensation to the user for the value of the items lost.  
Airport handlers misplaced your baggage? With Travel Insurance you are covered for such mishaps and compensated in full for the value of the items you lost.  
2. Loss of Money: You read that correctly! Travel Insurance provides coverage for money that is lost, damaged or stolen during your trip. This Insurance is applicable to money that is in transit, money that is in your building or money that is in your private residence. For example, if the hotel room you are staying in is burglarized and your money is stolen, with a solid Travel Insurance policy, you are instantly covered and compensated in cash value for the money lost.  
3. Loss of Tickets: Lost your tickets? No problem. Travel Insurance provides full coverage in such an instance and compensates you with new tickets to your destination. Take this scenario: Your return tickets are in your luggage and your room gets burglarized; everything is stolen. Not only would Travel Insurance compensate you for the loss of personal items but also compensate you for loss of tickets.  
Whether these are airline tickets to England or to a country in the Caribbean, this benefit of Travel Insurance is quite significant and applies to ticket costs of any monetary value. 

4. Compensation for Loss of Deposits: Made a large deposit at a luxurious hotel but had to change plans last minute? This deposit is used to book your place at the hotel and is unfortunately non-refundable. How do you get around this loss? You got it, Travel Insurance. This provides coverage in the event of a loss of deposit and compensates you with the money value of the deposit should you lose it. 
You can now book your hotel knowing that should anything go wrong, your Travel Insurance will cover the cost of your deposit completely.  
5. Compensation for Hijacking: The aircraft or boat you are travelling in is hijacked and you are unable to reach your destination? Did this incident lead to you missing your hotel check-in resulting in additional costs? You’re covered. Any losses incurred in the event of this is reimbursed fully with a solid Travel Insurance policy.  
Hijackings happen infrequently throughout the world but it is still an important factor that you should always consider when travelling.  
6. Medical Expenses: Medical ailments can never be predicted and consideration for your wellbeing should be paramount, especially when you are travelling. With Travel Insurance, you can vacation this Easter easier knowing that you are also covered for any medical expenses that you incur while travelling. This policy applies to hospital fees, accommodation fees for another person to stay with you, irrecoverable charges for unused accommodation. 
7. Personal Accident Benefits: Accidents can happen when you’re on vacation and you should always be covered in any event. Under a Travel Insurance policy, you are covered for not only loss of personal items, tickets and money but also personal accidents. This covers the cost of hospital fees, bills, medication and any associated cost with your accident.  
These were 7 reasons from Guardian Group on why you should have Travel Insurance for your Easter Vacation trip. We hope this was an informative read and be sure to join us next week for another entry!  


Live Safe . Live Easy.

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