What happens to your car when you drive through flood water?

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you drive through flood water? You may think that it’s ok to do once your car doors can shut securely to keep water out but driving through flood waters has a much greater impact on your vehicle than just getting the interior wet.

What really happens? Let’s break it down.

1. Your engine may stall – Driving through flood water just 6 inches high may cause engine stalling if the water gets into the air intake. If water enters the air intake of the engine, it is transported directly into the interior of the engine where it can cause stalling by inhibiting the combustion process or worse, destroy your engine completely.

2. Floating – Driving through flood water of at least 1 foot high can cause your vehicle to float off the surface of the road. The average weight of a motor car is just under 2 tonnes and this amount of weight can easily float off the surface of the road if you drive through flood water.

3. Risk of potholes – Flood water diminishes visibility of the road surface. This is particularly dangerous if you are traversing a flooded roadway that you are not familiar with. You may unknowingly drive into a pothole that can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

4. Risk of losing control – Driving through flood water gives you less control over your vehicle. The flood water reduces tyre-road contact, which makes steering harder. Not only this, but your brakes can become soggy which decreases the ability to slow down or stop your vehicle as you choose.

5. No Motor Coverage – If you vehicle is covered by a Third Party Insurance plan and you decide to drive through flood waters, you will not receive coverage should your vehicle sustain any damage as this type of motor insurance only covers the damage you cause to other drivers, not to your own vehicle. To get coverage for flood water damage to your vehicle, invest in a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plan which provides reimbursement to cover the cost of damages incurred.

The danger of driving through flood waters far outweighs any possible benefit and it is better to wait for flood waters to subside before making your way. Should you not have a choice, keep in mind the points made above.

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