Changes to Guardian Asset Management

We wish to advise that Guardian Asset Management Limited (‘GAM’) will be changing its name to Guardian Group Trust Limited (GGTL) effective July 1, 2015. This is to facilitate the separation of its trust and asset management services among (2) Guardian Group subsidiaries to satisfy good corporate governance and regulatory requirements. 

Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL) has therefore established another subsidiary company, which will provide the investment, portfolio management and advisory services previously carried out by GAM. The new company is named “Guardian Asset Management and Investment Services Limited” (GAMISL) and is licensed as a Broker-Dealer under the Securities Act 2012. 

GAMISL will now assume the role of Portfolio Manager for all Client Accounts while GGTL will provide trust services and other services of a financial nature. GAMISL will continue to manage your portfolio account on the terms and conditions as defined in your original portfolio master account agreement executed with GAM. This will include the purchase and sale of assets based on the stated investment objective. 

The management and staff of GAMISL will comprise a number of employees formerly of GAM and your Wealth Manager and Investment team remain the same. 

With effect from July 1, 2015 all cheques for investment in your private wealth account should be made payable to “GUARDIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED” and subscriptions to the mutual funds should be made payable to "GUARDIAN GROUP TRUST LIMITED" [formerly Guardian Asset Management Ltd."

Please be assured that there will be no disruption to the quality of service that you have come to expect. Should you have any questions with respect to these changes please do not hesitate to contact us on 632-6000 or alternatively you may contact your Wealth Manager. 


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