About Us

Guardian Group is an insurance and financial services company that has been serving the Caribbean for over 10 decades. In 1847 amidst the financial crisis in Britain, the abolition of slavery, the collapse of the West Indian bank and the large scale migration into Trinidad, Scotland born Charles Warner saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of life insurance to Trinidad and became the first Director of the Trinidad Board of Standard Life of Edinburgh Scotland.

Standard Life ceased transacting new business in Trinidad in 1970 and, as a result, merged their Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados portfolio with that of the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society effective November 15, 1972. Towards the end of the 1970s, all insurance companies operating in Trinidad & Tobago were required to localize their operations. Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited was established to accept the Trinidad & Tobago portfolio of Jamaica Mutual in December 1980.

Guardian Life of the Caribbean acquired a majority shareholding in Crown Life (Caribbean) Limited and achieved a merger of the operations of the two companies in January of 1993 and also assumed management of the portfolio of business formally carried on by the Caribbean Atlantic Life Insurance Company (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited. With the acquisition of the Crown Life portfolio, Guardian Life of the Caribbean expanded overseas into Curacao and Aruba.

In August of 1995, Guardian Life of the Caribbean entered into a strategic alliance with the Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago which has facilitated the development of the country's first bank assurance company. On June 18, 1996, the restructuring of Guardian Life of the Caribbean was completed and a holding company was established - Guardian Holdings Limited.

The company is now the largest life insurance provider in the region with over 250,000 policies and assets in excess of $3.5 billion under management.


Customer-centricity - Understand what matters to the customers, then provide that better than anyone else. 

Global excellence - Be best-in-world, not just best-in-Caribbean

Bias Action - Being first is better than being perfect

Commitment - Discuss openly, disagree respectfully, decide quickly and commit wholly.

Curiosity - Question answers.  Learn and be curious

Continuous Improvement - Be better today than yesterday


To provide peace of mind and prosperity to communities in the Caribbean and across the World.

To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology. 


To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology.