Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is a critical part of prudent financial planning.  In the event of your death, life insurance provides a monetary safety net for your family, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle in a dignified manner.

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Health Insurance

Everyone gets sick but some times are worse than others. At Guardian Life we understand that, so we designed the LifeCare and the Rejuvenator Living Assurance plans to ensure that at these times you are able to focus on your recovery.

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Guardian Life annuities and pension plans allow you to live the lifestyle that you have become accustomed to - even after you've retired - without sacrifices that will affect your current quality of life. Our pension plans or annuities are flexible enough for you to determine how to use money you've worked so hard for.

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Quality of Life - Employee Benefits

Most employers today, whether they are large organisations or small businesses, recognise the value of their human resources and their role in ensuring the company's success. Guardian Life has crafted three plans which are flexible and easily customised to meet the needs of you and your employees.

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Starting a family is a thrilling time in a parent's life, and making preparations can be just as exciting too; this includes both short term and long term arrangements.

Parents who value education and want to give their child a financial and academic head start on life, want to prepare for all possible opportunities.

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Personal Accident Insurance

We all know that life is uncertain and that there are no guarantees. Accidents can happen at any time and can significantly affect the quality of life that persons enjoy.

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