Group Pensions

We work hard during our lifetime to improve our financial position and enjoy the better things in life. Guardian Life can help you design a Pension Plan to meet your employees' needs in planning early retirement. A Group Pension Plan from Guardian Life ensures that employees systematically receive benefits after retirement or, in the event of their death, these benefits may be paid to their beneficiaries.

Key Benefits

  • Employees receive benefits after retirement
  • Ensure that your employees feel secure
  • Death benefits paid to surviving family members
  • A pension plan gives security to employees for their retirement. Most employers have a genuine concern for the welfare of their employees and families and there is often at least a moral obligation to "look after them."


Among many other positive effects, a Guardian Life pension plan enables the company to function more efficiently because it helps the employer to release those employees who reach retirement, thus allowing others to be promoted to fill their places. Succession planning is simplified by ensuring strategic development of suitably qualified employees to fill key positions when these persons retire.