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Guardian Group heads to Maraval R.C. for National Day of Caring (NDOC) 2024

Guardian Group employees turned up to show support for the Maraval R.C. Primary School, Saddle Road, Maraval on Sunday 19th May, 2024, for United Way’s National Day of Caring (NDOC) - Show You Care Everywhere.

Approximately thirty (30) volunteers from across Guardian Group’s Trinidad and Tobago locations came together and undertook work to update the school's music room, which will benefit approximately 400 students. A show of care was also extended to the school's teachers with a refresh to the staff room which was repainted.

National Day of Caring is aligned to Guardian Group’s corporate social responsibility pillars, one of which is to support academic development.

Sintra Surjbally, Branding and Communication Associate said, “Guardian Group supports academic development and promotes continuous improvement. We are always happy to support our communities, particularly where it empowers our children, supports their learning and their creativity”.

Kathleen Merhair-Gransam, Principal at Maraval R.C. expressed her gratitude to the team from Guardian Group on behalf of the school. “This upgrade to the music room will allow 30 students at a time to come into this space to learn how important music is as they learn to play our national instrument.”

Works completed included repainting of music room and staff room, installation of laminate vinyl tile flooring and a whiteboard.

Guardian Group extends a warm thank you to its employees without whom this activity would not be a success.

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