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Community Connections

Guardian Group joins Generation Restoration in support of World Environment Day

Guardian Group joined the global community in celebrating World Environment Day on Wednesday 5th June, 2024 at its various customer service centres across Trinidad and Tobago. To mark the occasion, the Group distributed approximately 340 seedlings of the Tacoma Plant (mini Poui) and Barbados Pride to customers and employees.

This year the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), under the theme #Generation Restoration, encouraged action aimed at land revitalisation, building drought resilience and combating desertification. The distribution of plants was yet another way that the Group continues to show its support, by encouraging customers and employees to plant a tree at home or in their community.

The indiscriminate use of land is responsible for 11% of the carbon dioxide emissions heating up the planet. Deforestation is adversely affecting healthy lands with devasting consequences for agriculture and communities as crops decline and prices skyrocket. Trees help to reduce greenhouse gases, reduce soil erosion, and protect the ecosystem upon which we all depend.

As an insurer deeply rooted in the Caribbean, Guardian Group has a unique connection to the vibrant communities within which it operates and understands the importance in helping to combat the effects of climate change. The Group continues its efforts to embed and integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations in its business and is also a member of the Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean (CRAIC) project team, which focuses on developing solutions in response to risks posed by climate change.

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